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Cured Salmon with Rye & Sour Cream Pannekaker

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Origin of dish:  Europe
Type of cooking:  Hob
Preparation time: 60 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Ingredients (for 12 people) :

    -1.5 kg Norwegian salmon fillet, de-boned and de-scaled, cut in half
    -2 tbsp pink peppercorns
    -2 tbsp coriander seeds
    -1tbsp juniper berries
    -1 tsp allspice berries
    -100g granulated sugar
    -75g sea salt
    -2 shots whisky
    Ingredients for the rye and sour cream pannekaker
    -150g rye flour
    -100g wholemeal spelt flour
    - 5g fresh yeast or ½ tsp dried yeast
    - 300ml sour cream
    - 50-100ml whole milk
    -2 medium eggs, beaten
    -50g butter, melted
    -1 tsp baking powder
    -½ tsp sea salt
    -1 fennel bulb, thinly sliced or mandolined
    - 150ml white wine vinegar
    - 75g fructose (fruit sugar) or 100g caster sugar
    - wild fennel pollen for garnish (can be sourced from Global Harvest Ltd.)
    -extra sour cream or crème fraiche for garnish


To make the cured salmon, dry the fillets, check for pinbones and then place both pieces side by side, skin down. Crush the pink pepper, coriander, juniper and allspice berries with a pestle and mortar and then mix in a small bowl with the whisky, sugar and salt.

Spread the spiced sugar and salt in a layer on top of the fillet. Sandwich both fillet halves together. Wrap very tightly in two layers of clingfilm and place in a small roasting tin to catch the brine that escapes the fish as it cures.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 48 hours and up to 5 days if you want a stronger cure. When the salmon has had time to cure, simply take it out of the fridge, remove the clingfilm, wipe the fillet halves clean of the spiced salt with a paper towel, pat dry and put on a board, skin down. Slice on the diagonal from the tail towards the middle of the fillet and serve.

For the rye and sour cream pannekaker, in a medium sized bowl mix the flours with the yeast, sour cream and 50ml of the milk. Cover and set aside for an hour or until the mixture starts to bubble and double in size.

In the meantime place the sugar and the vinegar in a small saucepan along with 75ml water and bring to a simmer, allowing the sugar to fully dissolve.

Remove from the heat, cool and then add the thinly sliced fennel to this mixture and cover. Set aside to pickle while you finish the pancakes. Add the beaten eggs, melted butter, baking powder and sea salt to the bowl with the flours, yeast and sour cream.

Stir thoroughly and prepare a skillet with a little oil over a medium heat. Start frying small pancakes for a minute or so before flipping each one over. They should look dry around the edges and bubble slightly in the skillet.

If in doubt, test the batter with one small pancake – if the pancake is too liquid you can always add a little more spelt flour, if it’s too dense then simply dilute with a little water or milk.

Once you’ve fried all the pancakes, set them to one side and allow to cool completely before assembling the salmon slices on each piece, followed by a dollop of sour cream or crème fraîche, a curl of pickled fennel and a sprinkle of wild fennel pollen.

Eat immediately with a shot of Linie aquavit to wash it all down.
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Advice: This recipe was provided by Signe Johansen for the Norwegian Seafood Council

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