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Coconut balls

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Origin of dish:  France
Type of cooking:  Oven
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Ingredients (serves 4):

    180g sugar
    2 eggs
    250g desiccated coconut


1 - Beat the eggs and sugar together, add the desiccated coconut. Mix well.

2 - Grease a baking tray. Make mixture into little balls (you should be able to make about 14) and place on tray in a pyramid shape.

3 - Cook for 15 minutes at 325°F (160°C).

4 - Once cooked, carefully remove from tray with a metal spatula and leave to cool.

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(Review left on 14/06/2011 on the recipe for Coconut balls)
why would you do it in a pyramid shape..??????/! does it make a difference...???? and eew...raw eggs...........why not just used condensed milk......well anyway...
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