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Strawberry sorbet

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Origin of dish:  Exotic
Type of cooking:  Hob
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Ingredients (serves 8):


Put the sugar in a pan and add 450ml water.

Heat over a high heat until the sugar dissolves and boil until syrupy (5-7 minutes). Leave to cool.

Wash, dry, de-stalk and blend the strawberries with the syrup, lemon juice and chopped mint, keeping a few leaves aside for the garnish.

Place in a sorbet maker and leave to turn for 30 minutes - 3 hours, according to the instructions that come with your maker.

Place in a large watertight container and freeze.

Take out of the freezer and refrigerate an hour before serving, cutting the sorbet into 8 cubes using a knife dipped in warm water.

Place 1 cube on each plate and decorate with pieces of strawberry and mint.

Advice: A mixture of strawberry sorbet and rhubarb purée makes a scrummy filling for hot pancakes!

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