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Prawns in green tea sauce

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Origin of dish:  Thailand
Type of cooking:  Hob
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Ingredients (serves 5):

    1 tablespoon green tea leaves
    225ml boiling water
    1.5 tablespoon sesame oil
    500g fresh prawns (or prepared if not available)
    1 tablespoon sake
    1 teaspoon curry powder


Put the green tea in a heat-resistant measuring jug and add the boiling water.
Leave to infuse for 15 minutes.
Heat the oil in a frying pan or wok until extremely hot.
Add the prawns, curry and sake and cook for 1 minute over high heat, stirring constantly.
Add the tea and half of the tea leaves and cook for a further minute.
With a skimmer, remove the prawns from the sauce and put on a warm plate.
Let the sauce reduce down until you are left with 150ml.
Pour over prawns and serve immediately with rice or noodles.
Advice: This makes a great starter without any rice or, with only 149 calories, a main course for dieters.

Recommended wines:
- Alsace: Silvaner, Pinot blanc
- Bordeaux: Entre 2 mers
- Bourgogne: Maçon, St Véran
- Loire: Sancerre, Pouilly
- Rhône: Tavel

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