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Chocolate and orange log

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Origin of dish:  France
Type of cooking:  Oven
Preparation time: 80 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Ingredients (serves 8):

    For the log:
    - 4 eggs
    - 70g skimmed milk powder
    - 15g cocoa powder
    - 10gsugar

    For the chocolate filling:
    - 1/2l semi-skimmed milk
    - 4 egg yolks
    - 15g sugar
    - 10g corn flour
    - 20g cocoa powder
    - 3 sheets gelatine

    Syrup for cake:
    - 20ml water
    - 25g sugar
    - Zest of one organic orange

    Orange sauce:
    - Juice and zest of four large oranges

    - Small bunch of redcurrants
    - Grated/desiccated coconut
    - A few leaves fresh mint

    Equipment needed:
    - Spatula
    - Knife
    - Two sheets of greaseproof paper
    - Whisk


- Whisk eggs and sugar together until quite stiff, starting slowly and building up speed - it will be ready when you can make a ribbon of cream round the whisk without it dissolving.
- Mix milk and cocoa powder together and add to mixture.

For log:
- On a sheet of 30cmx40cm greaseproof paper, spread mixture out with a spatula to 0.5cm thickness, so you have two strips of of 15cmx40cm. This will make two logs for 4 people.
- Bake sponge at 220°c (425°F) for 5 minutes.
- Leave to cool.

For chocolate filling:
- Soak gelatine in cold water.
- Gently boil milk in a pan.
- Whisk egg yolks and sugar together in a bowl until stiff and white. Add corn flour and cocoa powder.
- Pour in hot milk and gently bring whole mixture to the boil, stirring constantly.
- Add gelatine once mixture has boiled, mix well together.
- Pour into a bowl and leave in a cool place until needed, stirring from time to time to prevent a skin forming.

For syrup:
- Cut orange zest into long strips and put in a pan of water, with sugar.
- Bring to the boil.
- Leav to cool.
- Keep by until needed.
Tip: Remove zest and dry for 15 to 20 minutes in a low oven, then use to decorate.

For orange sauce:
- Reduce orange juice over a high heat, until you have a syrupy consistency.

To make log:
- Spread out a sheet of greaseproof paper.
- Place one 15cmx40cm strip of cake on paper.
- Spread orange syrup over cake, using a knife.
- Spread an even layer of chocolate filling over syrup, remembering to keep half back for second log.
- Carefully roll cake up lengthways, to make log, using greaseproof paper.
- Slice into four individual logs if you wish.
- Repeat with second strip of cake.

To finish:
- Spread a little remaining chocolate cream on top of log, sprinkle with coconut.

- Put a log in centre of each plate, if serving individually.
- Decorate with dried orange zest, redcurrants and mint leaves.
- Drizzle with orange sauce.
Advice: Choosing the right ingredients will make your chocolate log lighter:
Try using fructose, instead of sugar. It is much sweeter, so you need to use a lot less - reduce quantities by about a third in this recipe. Much better for your waistline!
Always use skimmed milk, which is just as rich in protein as other milks, but completely fat-free!
Corn flour will give the same results as flour, with less calories.
Finally, buy concentrated chocolate powder (Van Houten if you can find it), as it contains less claories. If using bitter cocoa powder, add to sugar to counter the bitterness.

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